Our Services

IT Training

Ripping away the extraneous detail and teaching concepts, exploring how and why - not just what; showing the possible and then building it; focusing on style, technique and pragmatism. Our curriculum is highly modular, with courses and programs dynamically assembled to match specific training needs, blending both generic and proprietary knowledge.

Technical Writing

Sharpening the vocabulary and clarifying the underlying models, we build documentation for proprietary technologies, languages, infrastructure and processes; and then present this through interactive web-sites, secure PDF and ePub. Our process blurs the line between training material and documentation, allowing one to be directly repurposed for the other.

Expert Consulting

Bringing a new perspective, we share domain expertise and interdisciplinary practice; helping teams bootstrap new methods and skills, and promote best practice across an organisation.




We're a team of passionate technologists focused on acquiring and sharing knowledge. We teach and write and consult on computer technology, from modern languages to database internals, enterprise infrastructure to agile methods. We strive for the extraordinary, because that's a lot more fun than ordinary, and because that's how we empower our clients.

Based out of Bermuda, you’ll find us in London, Glasgow, Budapest, New York, Montreal, Mumbai, Bangalore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo; wherever we’re needed to provide a consistent global service on the ground.

Working closely with engineers and developers, we capture proprietary technology, processes and tools, and reflect these in our services. We're partners, supporting and enabling our clients as they apply technology to maximize the effectiveness of their businesses.